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(Metal)Insane Guitar Shreddage (Metal)Insane Guitar Shreddage

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice Shreddage!

Your comment on theory made me smile, so I had to write this review. Your theory is in fact rock-solid. The melody is written very well. The end chord is a little bit bizarre, and I feel like you could've added a few different things to make the song more interesting. Maybe another guitar/bass/synth, maybe a more interesting drum part. But in regards to the guitar, it's very good.

Boo to whoever gave you a 0, it doesn't deserve it, so I"ll do my best to "even it out" with a 5. For the review's sake, I'll give you a 7/10 for a good melody.

P.S. Yikes. My 5 only raised it 1.32. That suuucks.

Ranter - Colour My World Remix Ranter - Colour My World Remix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice!

This is brilliant for your first techno/tranceish piece!

I love the stereo effect you have going in the intro.

At like 1:12ish, I love how you bring it down, but I would looove to hear a really soft pad or something with the melody. I would probably use the one that starts at 1:23, and just keep it really quiet. (I'm really just throwing ideas out there) Just a personal preference; I like having that bass/chordal foundation there.

At 1:38, I like all the parts you have going. I would maayybee suggest turning down the pad with all the distortion/noise just a little bit, I feel like it covers up the other parts.

3:00ish. Love it. The only suggestion I could make is starting that section softer, and building up the volume until the 3:30 mark and putting some kind of climax point there because that part does get slightly repetitive and the volume change would make it more interesting.

3:56: See 1:38.

Overall, fantastic piece for your first one in the genre!
9/10, 5/5 from me for a few personal opinions here and there.

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ranter responds:

Thanks alot for your idea's and suggestions and i'm really going to try it out check this one out within 2 days and i'll bet you i've changed alot of the parts again!!

And thanks for the rating!!

Also check out my other songs wich aren't trance but are a bit better with transitions and such!

[DJC] The Trick [HD2010][WiP] [DJC] The Trick [HD2010][WiP]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Track!

I love your beat! The intro and the general structure is very good.

I think the reverb, ESPECIALLY in the intro, is really too high. Throughout the rest of the piece it evens out a bit but it could still be turned down.

Other than that, I love it!
8/10 4/5 from me! Great job on your first track!

DjCryogenetic responds:

Not my first track, more like the 200th something.
but thanks.

Hip Hop Attraction Hip Hop Attraction

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Beat!

Like: The Cello/string sound going on throughout the piece
I love the general structure
The seamless loop is great

Dislike: The pattern in the cello gets repetitive. It's catchy but you need some kind of variation or it gets slightly irritating after the second listen.

The bell sounding percussion instrument kinda sounds like a sleigh bell and it kinda kills it for me. I would try using some other percussive instrument there.

Overall: Pretty good! 8/10 4/5